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Frequently Asked Questions ?

I’m worried about privacy.

It is important to protect your resume and personal information from those who want to use it for profit or to prevent your current employer from seeing that you’re “in the market.” Some strategies: Print and read privacy policies of any online job site which asks you to provide information via the internet. If the site doesn’t have a privacy policy, you have no legal assurance that your personal information is secure. Post resumes with a “disposable” email address that you can cancel if you start getting a lot of junk mail.

How often should I update my resume on job boards?

Depending on the site or the recruiter using it, freshly updated resumes may get more attention than “stale” ones, so it makes sense to revisit and revise your resume regularly. Some people recommend as often as daily, but you probably have more productive things to do (such as networking).

How can I make my resume stand out?

The best way to make your resume catch the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter is to tailor it to the needs of the job. Tailoring requires that you carefully review the job description or posting and highlight your corresponding accomplishments, skills, experience, and knowledge in an easy-to-digest format on the resume.

Should I include my GPA?

The rule of thumb is to include your major and/or your cumulative GPA if it’s at least a 3.0/4.0.

Should I include my references?

While it’s important to line up people to serve as positive references for you when you begin the job search, you should not put your references information on your resume. You’ll need to have this information ready if and when an employer requests it, but don’t take up valuable space on the résumé with this information.


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